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                                          The JDC Experience offers Full Service Planning & Selective Services! 
                                                                                     Which Include:
  • Creating a Guest List: The event planner is responsible for creating a guest list and ensuring invites get to those prospective attendees.
  • Choosing a Theme – If needed, the event planner will choose a theme for the event and ideate how to incorporate it.
  • Creating Graphics & Printing invitations, Flyers etc-  The event planner can create invitations, flyers and other graphics. We can have them printed and shipped at the best price available. 
  • Creating a Budget – The event planner creates a budget and stays within it across all efforts for their event.
  • Booking a Venue – The event planner chooses and books a venue that is right for the event size and type
  • Choosing a Menu – The event planner will help plan a menu for an event and work to ensure all allergies and preferences are considered.
  • Hiring a Caterer – The event planner chooses the right caterer and manages necessary staffing requirements for the event. 
  • Booking Speakers , DJs, Bands + Other Entertainment – The event planner handles booking entertainment for the event such as musical acts, comedians, or keynote speakers , DJs, Bands & other Entertainment needs.
  • Finding Transportation and Lodging – The event planner will take care of setting up all transportation if needed. We assist with booking room blocks at nearby hotels, or work with local transportation providers to get attendees from point A to B. 
  •  Overseeing Tactical Teams – here are many people required to make an event happen. There may be volunteers from non-profit organizations, catering staff, set-up and take down crews, security and more
  •  Rental Equipment-  chairs, tables, speakers, etc
We offer packages and deals based on services needed for each individual client! Not every client is the same so we work with you personally to plan your special day in your budget! Just an extra touch we offer here with The JDC Experience!

We offer a FREE 30 minute Consultation for every Event! Fill out information below and we will contact you within 24 hours! Thank You!