The JDC Experience Story

Owner: Jacklyn Crisanti

Every Experience with the JDC Experience will be professional, personable and engaging. Customer Satisfaction is what I strive for with anything I do. The JDC Experience slogan is a different way of staying connected.  I have always enjoyed helping people and growing with others in my community.  Networking and making connections has always been strength of mine. There is no price point I can give, with the gratification I feel, watching connections being made and seeing the difference I have made. There is a difference when you bring The JDC Experience! 

One of my Goals as a company is to embrace culture and community through events.  As a company, I will provide inclusive events that embrace all humans. Through everything I do, it will help strengthen the local community, embrace diversity and culture and uniting everyone together through these amazing experiences.  Not only does The JDC Experience put on amazing events we are much more than that!  I do not just love planning events, but I love to be involved with all aspects of the Restaurant, bar and hospitality industry. I do consultant work that helps with all aspects including customer service, food and beverage menu, and finding your way of success in the restaurant and bar business. We also provide help with booking entertainment for your business from DJs, Photography and more! Starting my company, currently most of my events are nightlife events that have a focus on the Latin community. Although, I have done many other events such as singles night, couples night, game nights and so much more. I hope to continue and grow and be a company that everyone can connect with to help make their dream event come true or their restaurant and bar a success! I hope to give Tampa Bay a company they can rely on when its comes to their entertainment needs! 

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